Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the IELTS Test

How can we avoid mistakes in ielts?

IELTS test takers in general end up retaking the test twice and in some cases more than twice and even up to 5 times! This happens because they keep committing the same mistakes time and again. Elaborated below are the common mistakes the test takers keep committing and need to be avoided.

First and foremost, the test takers must remember that it is a test of English communication skills and a genuine improvement in English language ability will go a long way in ensuring a high band rather than just trying to master the format or repeatedly taking the mock tests one after another. Remember, you are being benchmarked against a ‘native’ user of English language, do you think he would need many mock tests to score a 9 band. So, your goal is to be as proficient as possible in English as one would expect a native user of English to be. Please get back to basics of a language, English in this case, work on your English comprehension ability, whether it is reading English, listening to English or expressing yourself in English through speaking or writing.

Next is an important fact, people forget that they have certain targets in various modules, while for academic purpose it is generally an overall band requirement of 7-7.5 with no band less than 6-6.5, for Immigration/work permit purpose, the band requirement varies from 8,7,7,7 to 8.5,7.5, or sometimes 8 band in each module. One must therefore prepare with the individual targets in mind, we have observed people securing 9 band in Listening and Reading modules and getting a 6 band in Writing module. This is a classic case of imbalanced approach and overemphasis on practicing certain module(s) at the cost of others. As long as one is confident of securing the target band in a particular module, should draw his energy and focus to the other module(s).

Last, it is important to practice IELTS preparation under test conditions, I have observed people endlessly preparing for IELTS as if they are doing PhD in English, one must prepare with certain goals and set about achieving those. Setting strict time guidelines, using a peaceful place without distractions, and creating test like conditions while learning and practising helps achieve better scores.

Attempting an IELTS test without adequate preparation or without acquiring genuine English language skills and taking a chance or thinking that a fluke may work are some of the common mistakes in approach or thinking people must avoid if they need to get their target bands in IELTS test which is rather an easy test of English.

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