How to Crack The PTE Exam

How to Crack The PTE Exam

Simple tips to Crack the PTE Test

The PTE Academic, Pearson Test of English, is an English language proficiency test that assesses the candidate on four major parameters, viz. reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. This is a secure computer-based test of two-hour duration. The test has a total of 20 questions and some of them may test two different skills simultaneously. Irrespective of your current command over the language, you can always enhance your scoring abilities by preparing well. PTE Preparation plays an instrumental role in cracking any exam successfully.

Here are some simple tips that will help you crack the PTE exam successfully –

1. PTE is to test the candidate on four different parameters, as mentioned above. It is of utmost importance that while preparing for the exam, you manage the preparation time covering every exam aspect. Make sure you give enough time to each parameter, irrespective of your strength and weaknesses. Even if you think your speaking abilities are better than your writing skills, you must prepare for both keeping in mind the exam pattern.

2. Knowing the pattern of the exam is always an added advantage. Therefore, making yourself familiar with the type of questions you will have to face during the exam is a must. Practice sample papers and devote time to study previous year exam papers.

3. Pearson, which organises the PTE, is a reputed London Based Media company. Every year, the company prescribes exam related books to acquire in-depth knowledge on each section of the exam. Going through these suggested books will play a major role in boosting your confidence before the test.

4. Talk to some students who have already appeared for the test. Taking help from someone who has already experienced the exam crunch can provide you a clear perspective. Ask them about the usual slip-ups students’ encounter during such exams.

5. Do not close your eyes to the listening test. Students tend to take the listening tests for granted, forgetting the fact that your listening test scores can actually turn the table. Remember – you get only one shot at listening to the tape. Understanding what is being said as prediction is the key.

These are a few efficient tips that will help you handle your PTE test preparation much better and in a more efficient manner. Remember to keep a calm disposition. This is the only way you can remember the right answers at the right time.

However, nothing can replace a good teacher or guide. Understand the amount of competition you will face while appearing for such examinations, which makes appropriate coaching instrumental to stand successful at the end.

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