IELTS Preparation from Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

IELTS Preparation from Home, COVID-19 Important Updates

Most of the people have been wondering how to prepare for IELTS examination during this pandemic induced lock-down. There is hardly any IELTS coaching institute which are open which can prepare the students for IELTS test preparation for their study abroad and immigration dreams.

However if the students apply themselves properly and plan out well in fact this pandemic induced lock down due to corona virus can be a blessing in disguise for them. First of all there is so much of ample time available, you do not have to go anywhere, you do not have to do any work and this free time can be utilised for focusing on self preparation with the help of certain tools and some good quality study material available online. You can also join some classes to improve your speaking and writing skills as these cannot be improved with the help of self study. This period of corona virus has given us a kind of unmatched mental energy which is not there in normal times. In normal times we have plenty of deadlines to meet it, many distractions to meet people visit places, all that out of our way and very less to do, this is an ideal time to do something which requires a lot of focus. One of such things is preparing for an exam such as IELTS test preparation which requires a lot of focus.

Prepare for IELTS during Lock-down

You can get in touch with some good institution such as Rise Global Academy or Magoosh, Ninja and get a Trainer from them to prepare you on speaking and writing.

There are many players who are trying to mint money during this period and using all sorts of unethical practices. one such institution which is shamelessly busy in collecting money by playing on the Psych of students is British Council. everyone knows that British Council is a co-owner of IELTS test and is not supposed to get into training for it leads to unfair business practices. Normally the students who are not much aware are going to think that training by British Council will be one of the best. However the truth is that British Council believes in training right from scratch and they start teaching you primary school level grammar and the worst part is you cannot even ask them to speed up the course. Instead of teaching IELTS strategies, they start teaching you basic level grammar and vocabulary which is of no use in IELTS test. I have come across a number of students who have complained that, even after taking 3 months or even six months training from British Council they could not even get 6 band in IELTS and they were told by British Council itself that it takes about 6 months to 1 year to improve 1 band in IELTS. This is farthest from the truth because Indians generally have studied good level of English during their schooling and the practice a lot during their professional life. So we do not need too much of Elementary Education in English and we just need smart strategies which can be learnt over a period of 15 to 30 days and get an 8 band in IELTS. What British Council has done during this period is hire a set of incompetent teachers and is collecting money from students by advertising at 50% discount in fee and has employed some school teachers as their online trainers. These teachers have never given IELTS test themselves and do not know anything beyond elementary level grammar. I have written this post basically to make people aware against the unhealthy business practices of British Council and how they are playing with dreams and aspirations of Indians. These organisations have nothing better to teach us and they are only trying to make English language as a business in this country.

It is high time that we expose the intent of such organisations and find some really good English trainers freelancers are from good training institutions, having expertise in teaching the real strategies for scoring 8 band in IELTS. The best bet I can put on on is on people who have appeared for the IELTS test and scored 8 or 9 band themselves.

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