Hoi An Night Market

Located at theNguyen Hoang Street, Hoi An, Hoi An night market is the most favourite destination for local and foreign travellers to enjoy the nightlife and make your trip a memorable one. Hoi An night market is well known for traditional apparels, silk products and paper lanterns, all of which you can buy at very reasonable price. It occupies a 300-metre-long street that faces Thu Bon River and is brighten up by hundreds of colourful lanterns, making a most beautiful location for photography as well. To enjoy the complete beauty of this beautiful place Hoi An night market, we have mentioned some of the tips that will definitely help you to get extensive information.

What to Buy in Hoi An Night Market?

Hoi An night market will be the best choice to visit if you’re a shopaholic. Here, you will find the numerous varieties of different items.

  1. Handicraft Products

Handicraft products are the most popular products in this night market. As these are the signature products in this night market so you will find them easily at any shop at very reasonable price. There are numerous handicraft products available in this market which includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, earringsetc which are made up of fabric, stone, bronze, or silk in different colours. These beautiful handicraft products will definitely remind you of Hoi An night market after your Vietnam trip.

2.Conical Hats

Every country has its own headwear and so has Vietnam, the national headwear of Vietnam is conical hats. Here, you will the colourful varieties of conical hats along with the graceful silk at very reasonable price. The conical huts have become a most popular Vietnamese national symbol which is recognized worldwide.


In Hoi An Night Market, you will see almost every stall selling the Vietnamese cultural clothes. The cultural clothes of Vietnam are famous across worldwide. The traditional clothes materials comesfrom the natural fibre that is verysuitable for a tropical weather such as hemp, silk or cotton. The varietyand abundance of Vietnamese traditional clothing are so huge that it can’t be completed in this article so we will introduce the varieties of traditional clothesin another article.

4. Souvenirs

Hoi An Night Market offers you a chance to experiencesouvenir shopping. You can easily find stunning silk scarves for men and women made on traditionalhandloom, ceramic products are otherfamous souvenir which you can take home and another best choice are Bamboo and wooden products which all are hand woven and available in numerous varieties.

What to Eat in Hoi An Night Market?

The most delicious traditional Vietnamese food in this night market with a balanced taste of salt, sweet, sour and hot flavours will definitely make your memorable. You will find the large number of stalls selling the unique Vietnamese delicious food at very reasonable price. Here’s a look that what you should try in this market.

QuangNoodles: You should definitely try the taste of Quang noodles in this night market. You can choose any of the specific noodles as per your match from the numerous Quang noodles varieties such as chicken, pork and shrimp,jellyfish, or snakehead fish. Adding lemon, chilli, herbs, or rice crackers toppings will make your dish more delicious.

Cao Lau Noodles:  With the characteristic texture and colour, it is the signatory dish of Hoi An. It contains the ingredients such as smoky pork, chewy noodles, crisp greens, refreshing bean sprouts, and crunchy croutons.The dish is served at ambient temperatureand the contents of the bowl are mixed together before eating.

Street Food: The streets of Hoi AnNight Market are filled with various dining choices, ranging from Vietnamese restaurants to riverside food stalls, You will find every stall selling numerous unique street foods at very reasonable price. The taste of unique street foods are so delicious that it will definitely blow your mind.

Hotels near Hoi An Night Market

After getting into Hoi An you will find a wide range of hotels for your comfortable and memorable stay. The best choice for your luxurious stay in Hoi An will be the De An Hotel as it is very close to many of the famous destinations in Hoi An.

De An Hotel Best Hotels in Hoi An

Address: 114/4 Tran Nhan Tong, Hoi An

Moon’s HomestayHoi An Boutique Hotel

Address: 72 Hai Ho street, Hai Chau ward, Hoi An

Vinh Hung Riverside – Hoi An Boutique Resort

Address: 111 Ngo Quyen street, Minh An ward, Hoi An

A Tran Boutique HotelLuxury Hotel in Hoi An

Address: 10 LuuQuyKy street, Minh An, Hoi An

Luxury Resorts in Hoi An | Hoi An Beach Resort

Tips for Shopping in Hoi An Night Market

  • The best time to visit Hoi An Night Market is on Thursdays and Saturdays as on these days the most famous hip hop community of Hoi An comes to perform breakdancing near the river bank.
  • Visiting this beautiful night market on 1st and  15th of every Lunar months will give you a chance to see a shimmering Hoi An with the hundreds and thousands of colourful lanterns.
  • Bargaining on food and shopping stalls in this night market would be a good idea as it can save you a lot on your trip.

To discover unique experience of nightlife on your trip in Hoi An then Hoi An Night Market is a must visit place for you on your trip.

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